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01 Aug 2018
Inspiration Series to Host Talk on "Cyber Attacks CAN Affect YOUR Business!"
BDB, BKC, Mumbai

Inspiration Series to Host Talk 

by Cyber Security Expert Kumar Ritesh
Chairman & CEO of CYFIRMA
Cyber Attacks CAN Affect YOUR Business!
One Indian diamond company’s internet was hacked into, and the entire system operating in its factory was shut down. Cyber terrorists demanded a ransom of several hundred thousand dollars to restore it
In one case, a fraudulent email was sent to a diamantaire purporting to be from an associate with whom he regularly transacted, asking that a certain amount be put into a different bank account. Upon checking, he learnt that the email had not been sent by his colleague at all but was an attempt at cyber theft!
Our own gems & jewellery industry organisation was robbed of a hefty sum of money as the payment instructions were changed – and the amount was never recovered
Most of us have received phishing emails. And there are instances in the diamond industry of people losing vast sums of money as a direct result
Even a Wal-Mart has not been spared a cyber attack. Only a few months ago it was found that details of over 1.3 million customers were hacked and exposed – this information included names, addresses, phone numbers -- and, most shockingly, plain text passwords
Moreover, we are now also faced with the possibility of cyber surveillance -- of even our emails and WhatsApp messages being read by authorities
If you think you are immune from such attacks, and they cannot impact your business, think again. In the digital-saturated world we live in, each one of us is a potential target; each business a lucrative prospect for easy money for cyber attackers.

How can we protect ourselves? What are the various forms of cyber attacks? Where does the danger come from? How effective are firewalls?

Cyber security expert KUMAR RITESH, Chairman and CEO of CYFIRMA, who has 20+ years of global cyber security leadership experience in both the public and private sectors, decodes the threats. He was earlier, CISO, Cyber Security (BHP Billiton) and has also served as Senior Cyber Leader, Cyber Security (PwC) and Global Security Leader, Technology Consulting (IBM).
A highly dynamic executive who successfully blends technology acumen and business skills, Ritesh has a strong track record of developing successful cyber security strategies, products, policies, standards, and solutions, in addition to running complex cyber security programmes. He is also the co-inventor of phishing fraud detection security tool.

Singapore-based CYFIRMA, was recently launched by global analytics player Antuit Holdings Pte Ltd.; a company backed by Goldman Sachs.
Date: August 1, 2018
Time: 5.00 pm
Venue: Tower D Centre Core, Ground Floor (Old Bank of India Area), Opposite Gate 9, Bharat Diamond Bourse
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