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27 Nov 2017
Suresh K. Mehta: At 85, Still Winning Awards for Golf

Earlier this year, Suresh Kirtilal Mehta was awarded a grand trophy for becoming the Most Super Senior Golfer of 2017 in Western India in recognition of his continued achievements on the golf course. What makes this an extra special achievement, is that Sureshbhai turned 85 on November 14, 2017, making him one of the oldest golf players in the country, and possibly the only one who actively participates and even wins tournaments. 

Born in Palanpur in 1932, Sureshbhai has been an active sportsperson from a very young age, regularly exercising and playing golf and tennis. He first played tennis for 35 years both at Mumbai’s CCI Club and at Coimbatore, where he was based from the 1950s to 1980s. Subsequently, he shuttled between the two cities. In the early days, before Coimbatore got a proper golf course,Sureshbhai and his associates played on a created ‘course’ in the Jail Grounds.
Over the years, he has won more than 30 awards and trophies at tournaments organised by clubs across India. He has also won the prestigious Mercedes trophy, Mayfair trophy, Chembur Club trophy etc, and was made a member of the latter, as he defeated the captain of the club team. His most outstanding achievement, of course, remains his six-hole in one,  meaning that he sent the golf ball into a tiny 3.5 inch hole between 325 -725 feet away in a singleshot. This remains a record in India till today.
Sureshbhai can still be seen almost every day of the week playing his favourite game which helps him to stay healthy and agile, and he aims to win more tournaments and accolades. He also has a word of advice for others, “I wish that each and every Palanpuri whether old, middle aged or young, should be involved in some game, playing at least five times in a week, which is most beneficial for one’s health.
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