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The original dwellers of the area were the Nagas. It was believed that they engaged in trade and were expert seafarers.

400-500 BC

The Nagas were ousted by the Mauryas and Arbudachal came under Mauryan rule. Mauryas ruled for many years and after them came Malars and the mighty Kshatrapas.

800 AD

Solankies built Patan and Parmars of Abu built the great city of Chandravati on the banks of Banas River.

1000 AD

The Kingdom of Chandravati was ruled by Parmar King Dharnivarah. The Solanki King of Anhilwar Patan defeated him and made him his dependent king.

1218 AD

Pralhadan, brother of Chandravati’s ruler Dharavarsh sets out to build a new city. The city is named Pralhadanpur. In contemporary times it became Palanpur.

1304 AD

Allaudin Khilji attacked Gujarat. Patan and Palanpur came under the Muslim regime.

1370 AD

Founder of the Lohani dynasty, first Nawab Malek Khurram Khan became Diwan of Jhalore in Rajasthan. Palanpur was under the kingdom of Jhalore.

1572 AD

Mogul Emperor Akbar himself conquered Gujarat and Palanpur became part of the Mogul Empire. Akbar gave a foster sister in marriage to the twelfth Nawab, Malek Gazni Khan 2, Nawab of Jhalore and as a wedding gift gave the territory of Palanpur, Deesa and Dantiwada to the Nawab.

1583 AD

Historical meeting between Palanpuri Shri Heervijaysuri and Mogul Emperor Akbar. The character, wisdom and preachings of Shri Heervijaysuri impressed the Emperor so much that he banned the killing of animals.

1616 AD

The fourteenth Nawab Firuzkhan moved from Jhalore to Palanpur with hundreds of faithful confidantes.

1764 AD

The 21st Nawab Bahadurkhan built a fort with 7 gates around the city of Palanpur.

1817 AD

Palanpur came under the British rule.

1918 AD

The 29th and the last Nawab Taley Mohammed Khan ascended to the throne and ruled till the merger with Indian Union in 1947.

1947 AD

India became independent on 15th August. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel negotiated amalgamation of states. Nawab Taley Mohammed Khan was one of the first to agree to amalgamate.

1948 AD

Accession of Palanpur was signed on 10th June 1948. Palanpur became the capital of Banaskantha District in the state of Gujarat.


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