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True Nobility

Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi and Mr. Mahadevbhai Desai came to Palanpur specially to attend the wedding of Mr. Vadibhai, son of Mr. Kalidasbhai Jaskaranbhai Jhaveri a leading advocate of his time. They stayed at Taleybaug. This encounter is remembered for the humility shown by Palanpur's Nawab Taley Mohammed Khan - when Kasturba asked him to take his place on the Royal throne, the Nawab refused the offer with a humble reply “I am not here as a King, but as a devotee of good values and principles”.

The Charkha is born

Mahatma Gandhi found his famous charkha (spinning wheel) from Kanodar, a village close to Palanpur. His son, Manilal Gandhi, stayed in Kanodar for two months, perfecting the art of weaving clothes using the wheel.

Gandhiji at Palanpur station

In 1937, while Mahatma Gandhi was travelling by train to Delhi, he passed through Palanpur. People gathered at the station to see him, and he extended his halt at the station to address the crowd. Nawab Taley Mohammed Khan went with him till Chitrasani, the next station, and offered him goat's milk, honey, melons, and parkhadi rice, a speciality of Palanpur.


Early Education

The Palanpur High School was the first of its kind in the region, established 170 years ago. It is run today as a Palanpur High School by Government of Gujarat.

A Hindu King builds Jain Derasar

Legend has it that King Pralhadan of the Parmar dynasty, who hails from northern Mount Abu, melted a metal idol of a Jain deity in Achaleshwar. As a consequence of committing this sin, he suffered a disease known as ‘Galatkushta', wherein parts of his body would melt and fall off. To avoid embarrassment, he migrated to another region where he met the influential saint Sheeldhaval. The saint suggested that the King build a temple, and install an idol of Lord Parshwanath as pratishtha, or retribution. The King ordered its construction, and was consequently cured. The temple was called ‘Palanvihar'. This is today Pallaviya Parshwanath derasar commonly called 'Motu Derasar.'

Shri Hira Vijaya Suri influences Emperor Akbar

Shri Hira Vijaya Suriji was born in Palanpur in the year 1527. He met with Mughal Emperor Akbar, who was immensely influenced by his teachings. Under his guidance, Akbar passed laws against killing animals, and bestowed upon Shri Hira Vijaya Suriji the title of ‘Jagatguru', which directly translates to ‘teacher of the world'. Contemporary society and eminent literary scholars of the time are all said to have been influenced by him. His birthplace was the present Upashraya opposite the Pallaviya Parshwanath derasar in Palanpur.

Able Administrator

Arab families used to often visit Palanpur, and some even settled down there. These Arabs would be actively involved in politics and were expert in political intrigue. They were also good at political murders, and would dare to do anything to amass wealth.

Once, when Pitamberbhai Mehta was in charge of the administration, an Arab molested a woman. Many others even flouted royal orders. Complaints of this nature were on the increase. Pitamber Mehta, who was far-sighted administrator, issued a proclamation that all those moving around after sunset would have to carry a lantern with them, so that the light would reveal the identity of the person carrying it. As expected an Arab disobeyed the order publicly. As per the proclamation, the Arab was beaten with a stick by the police. As a result, the Arab, along with his family, left the city and soon the citizens were relieved of the harassment they had faced. Such was the administrative acumen of Palanpur's Jains.


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