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Compiled By - Nita S. Mehta, Rajul A. Gandhi, Dr. Satyavati S. Jhaveri, Rachna Group of Women

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This is a humble effort to resurrect the simple culinary art of our glorious past and pay a great tribute to the grand old ladies, both past and present, who have contributed to our heritage.

The different aspects and skills of Palanpuri cooking have derived their characteristics from a family's need for nourishing food, its economic resources and availability of raw ingredients found within the region. Over generations, our Jain recipes have also developed through innovations and interpretations. Ingredients, method and utensils all have gone through many transformations. The interest in world cuisines has changed the tastes of this generation. Yet, at times one craves for those distinctive flavours, the basic tastes, the sweet aroma, the rich colours and the stimulating textures that go with the modest daily food of yesteryear.

The growing interest in nutrition and dietetics helps each generation to add variety and satisfy ones changing taste buds with combinations from the simple and original recipes of the past.

Available at
Satyavati S Jhaveri

Diamond House
1st floor, Vachha Gandhi Marg
Off N S Patkar Road, Behind RTI
Mumbai - 400 007
Tel: +91 - 22 - 23805809 / 23806763

Rajul Ajay Gandhi
+91 - 9821031821


Compiled By- Pallav Moitra - 2006
Published by- Dilip R Mehta

The book explores the origin, migration and characteristics of the Oswals. The book has been put together with extensive research and exquisite photographs.

Prof. Hrishikesh Raval

Prof Raval was awarded a PhD for his thesis on ‘The Tradition of Palanpur's Literature’. His thesis focuses on Gujarat's Medieval Era, with in depth research on four great writers of that period -- Shri Prahaladan Dev, Shri Devendrajisinghsuriji, Acharya Somsundersuriji, Acharya Hirvijaysuriji. This book is based on his thesis.

Prof Raval has earlier published a book -- Palanpuri Ghazal Gharana -- on five famous ghazalkars of Palanpur.

Prof Raval is not only avid lover of literature but also has a deep interest in Palanpur's history and heritage. He was instrumental in reviving the literature of the many great Jain Acharayas of the medieval era.


Compiled By - Prof. Yashwant J Raval - July 2003

Shri Y J Raval, Professor of Sanskrit in Arts & Science College, Palanpur traces the history of Palanpur in the Middle Ages from 1300 to 1600 AD. The book provides a political and social commentary of this era.

Available at
Prof. Y J Raval
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 254643


Compiled By - Prof. Rishikesh Raval - 2007

Prof. Rishikesh Raval, who teaches Gujarati at G D Mody College of Arts, Palanpur, has written on the life and writings of five contemporary Ghazalkars of Palanpur: Shunya Palanpuri, Saif Palanpuri, Ojas Palanpuri, Amar Palanpuri and Musafir Palanpuri.

Available at
Parth Publications
Nisha Pol, Zaverivad
Relief Road
Ahmedabad - 380 001


Compiled & Published By - Vidyamandir Trust, Palanpur - 2007

The book has been published as a reference book for Social Studies for Std 5. It covers the history, monuments, religious places and personalities of Palanpur and Banaskantha district.

Available at
Vidyamandir Trust
Central Office
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 258547
Email: centraloffice@vidyamandir.org


Compiled By - Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan (in Urdu) - 1912
Translated By - Nawabzada Taley Mohammed Khan - 1913



Compiled By - Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan (in Urdu) - 1912
Translated By - Mrs. R I Mirza - 2002

Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan, during his rule, had commissioned the writing of Palanpur’s history for the 500 years from 1394 to 1912 AD. This was published in three parts in Urdu in 1912. Then Nawabzada Taley Mohammed Khan published a Gujarati translation of Part I in 1913, but for some reasons Part II & III were never translated.

Ninety years later, Mrs. R I Mirza published a translation of Part II & III titled as "Palanpur no Itihaas". Hence, a full translation of all the three parts is now available in Gujarati.

By - Prof Yashwant J Raval

"Patalnagar Palanpur" traces the ancient history of Palanpur and the surrounding region.

Historians believe that prior to the 4th century, Nagas occupied this area. They had an evolved civilization that engaged in trade, and were expert seafarers. The geology of the region shows that at the time the sea was closer inland, and the Nagas even had a port on the banks of the lost river of Saraswati. Archaeological evidence reveals that the Nagas had a settled society with a rich variety of cultural artefacts.

Prof Raval has been Professor at the G. D. Mody College of Arts, Palanpur.

Available at
Prof. Y. J. Raval
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 254643


Edited By - Jitendra C Mehta - Novemember 2007

Shri Jitendra Champaklal Mehta, Editor of weekly Swarajya has done extensive research for over 10 years on Tirths in and around Palanpur. This work was published as a column in a local newspaper over the years. These writings have been compiled in this special issue of Swarajya.

Available at
Swarajya Karyalaya
Moti Bazar
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 246827


  • Banas Mitra
  • Nishtha
  • Samvad
  • Swarajya
Banas Mitra

A quarterly publication of Shree Banaskantha Palanpur Jain Association, Chennai, (SBPJA) published regularly every three months since 1995, Banas Mitra provides reports of the social work projects undertaken by the Association in and around Chennai, and other activities of the SBPJA.
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Available at
9B, JVL Bungalow,
First Floor,
25/4, Flowers Road,
Chennai 600 010
Tel: (044) 2641 2781
Email: banas.assn@gmail.com


The official publication of Vidyamandir Trust, Nishtha is a quarterly magazine that covers various activities of the trust and showcases the creative writings (articles, poems etc) of students of the various institutions run by Vidyamandir Trust.

Vidyamandir Trust
Central Office, Taleybaug
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 258547 / 250215
Fax: +91 - 2742 - 265139
Email: centraloffice@vidyamandir.org
Website: www.vidyamandir.org


  • Palanpur, The Story of a Town, of a People
  • Vidyamandir Trust Palanpur

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Directed By - Sunil Shanbag
Produced By - Chrysalis Films, 2005
Initiated - Vidyamandir Trust

This 28-minute DVD provides an overview of the history, philosophy and vision of the Vidyamandir Trust and glimpses of most of its ongoing educational institutions and projects.
Available at
Vidyamandir Trust Palanpur

Palanpur Office
Central Office: Vidyamandir Campus Taleybaug
Palanpur - 385 001
Tel: +91 - 2742 - 258247 / +91 - 2742 - 265139
Email: centraloffice@vidyamandir.org

Trust Office
11, Kala Bhavan
3, Mathew Road
Mumbai - 400 004
Tel: +91 - 22 - 2368 5344
Fax: +91 - 22 - 2368 5458
Email: mumbaioffice@vidyamandir.org



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