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Founder members -
  • Paras & Kanan Bhansali
  • Miten & Reena Doshi
  • Sachin & Sejal Mehta
  • Satish & Nikita Mehta
  • Meetan & Swati Shah
  • Sushil & Falguni Jhaveri
Committee ' Palanpur Rocks ', a Mumbai based social organisation was launched in early 2009, to facilitate the social networking of young married couples within the community from the age group 30-50. It is a registered body.


The organisation plans to conduct six events during every calendar year for its members which will include unique entertainment programmes, celebrations of festivals and the different seasons, as well as an opportunity to experience and appreciate new talent, shows, music, dance, etc. Each programme will be organized with the style and class suitable for the community.

All in trance
 Take off
 passing the back to back Entry to these programmes is strictly against I-cards issued to members. (In case a member is unable to attend, admission can be transferred on a temporary basis to a relative or friend at the member’s request, subject to approval and the new couple fulfilling the eligibility criteria of a regular member. A small administrative cost will be levied).
 Ready to go & win In the first few months of 2009, the organisation held two functions – the first a brunch programme in January at Shiro’s in the Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound at Worli, with music and entertainment, and the second a full day Picnic to Treasure Island Resort, Lonavala in the month of March

Palanpur Samaj Kendra
Sitting from right Gujarat C. M. Amarsinh Chaudhry
Belgain Consulate – Shri Manekbhai Savani - Shri Kanubhai Mehta, Shri Jayantibhai Mehta – Shri Jayantibhai Jhaveri Shri Arunbhai Mehta addressing the crowd.
Established In - 1965
Shanti, Kemps Corner,
151, August Kranti Marg,
Mumbai 400 036.
Tel: +91 - 22 - 2363 2288
Contact Persons - Mr. Arun R. Mehta (Chairman)
Mr. Bharat P. Mehta, Mr. Sunil B. Jhaveri (Hon. Secretaries)

  • Mr. Bharat S. Shah - President
  • Mr. Arun R. Mehta - Chairman
  • Mr. Bharat P. Mehta - Honorary Secretary
  • Mr. Sunil B. Jhaveri - Honorary Secretary
  • Mr. Jayantilal A. Jhaveri - Honorary Treasurer
  • Mrs. Saroj N. Mehta - Joint Secretary
  • Mr. Kanu B. Shah - Executive Committee Member
  • Mr. Kanu C. Jhaveri - Executive Committee Member
  • Mr. Kavin C. Parikh - Executive Committee Member
  • Dr. Pradip R. Parikh - Executive Committee Member
  • Dr. Satyavati S. Jhaveri - Executive Committee Member
  • Mr. Sudhir R. Mehta - Executive Committee Member
  • Mr. Chandrakant D. Gandhi - Co-opted Committee Member
  • Mr. Kumar A. Mehta - Co-opted Committee Member
  • Mr. Navin D. Mehta - Co-opted Committee Member
The Palanpur Samaj Kendra was set up in 1965 by a few leading members of the community in Mumbai with the aim of contributing to the all-round development of Banaskantha district. The main aim of the organization was to effectively put to use time and funds donated by the members of the community for the betterment of their homeland and to ensure that the people meet and interact with each other.

The founder members of the Palanpur Samaj Kendra are Mr. Iqbal Mohammed Khan (Nawab Saheb of Palanpur), Mr. Dalchharam Nanchand Somani, Mr. Kantilal Chhotalal Mehta, Mr. Kanubhai C. Jhaveri, Mr. Pravinbhai D. Mehta, Mr. Chandrakantbhai D. Gandhi, Mr. Shashikantbhai C. Kothari, Mr. Manekbhai V. Savani and Mr. Mahendra G. Mehta.

- Relief and Rehabilitation

Standing From Left Shri Kanubhai Jhavari
Shri Ratibhai , Shri Chandrakantbhai Gandhi
Shri Hitendrabhai Desai (C. M .Gujarat)
Shri Pravinbhai Mehta Soon after its inception, the Kendra became actively involved in relief work in Gujarat during the famines in the early 70s. In association with the Palanpur Rotary Club and the Deesa Rotary Club it distributed foodgrains, particularly to the widows, aged and children, and also helped the affected people find work. Later it also assisted in the construction of wells and bore wells.

Following floods in 1973 and 1976, the PSK was involved in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction work along with government, local voluntary bodies and the Bombay Diamond Merchants Association.
- Providing Education

Sitting from left . Shri Bharatbhai Mehta 
Shri Chandrakantbhai Gandhi - Shri Vaghela  (Collector – Banaskantha )
Shri  Dalsangbhai Patel (Chairman – Banas Bank )
Shri Jitubhai Mehta (Editor – Swarajya – Weekely  )
The PSK has been actively involved in construction of permanent school buildings in a few hundred villages in different parts of the Banaskantha district.

It also offered scholarships and financial aid to the needy students of the district.
- Developing Medical Infrastructure

Working in collaboration with different government schemes, the PSK set up four clinics in different talukas in Banaskantha. Further, with donations from Friends of Mr. Kunverji Chhotalal Kothari, the PSK and the Indian Medical Association set up a Hall in his memory at the Convalescent Home in Palanpur. It also helped set up the Shri Chandubhai Mohanbhai Mehta Sanatorium.

The Palanpur Samaj Kendra has also arranged help for various panjarapoles of Vaav, Tharad and Deesa.

More recently the PSK has conducted camps in Banaskantha in association with the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust (RNCT) to provide humanitarian aid to the physically challenged. During the 2005 camps, about 2000 persons were provided with aids like Jaipur foot, calipers, wheelchairs, tricycles etc. In 2007 it also held seven diagnostic camps in the district and identified 938 handicapped persons in need of aid, and provided assistance with the support of private bodies and companies.

In Mumbai

Cultural Programme Palanpur Samaj Kendra With a large part of its members being based in Mumbai, the PSK has also been active on various fronts within the city with an active Women’s Forum, a youth club named Melange, and by conducting regular sports competitions and social gatherings.

It has also been holding the ‘Rising Stars’ function to felicitate young achievers from within the community.

Palanpur Samaj Kendra has regularly felicitated outstanding Palanpuris for their achievements in respective fields.

On the cultural front PSK had been actively involved in producing annual events including dance ballets, funfairs and various variety entertainment programmes.

Now since the last few years they have been successfully conducting a talent show providing a stage to Palanpuris to unfurl their inherent talents.


Since the mid 1990s, the PSK has been regularly publishing its magazine ‘Samvaad’ which provides information on the community, the activities of the organization, and is also a platform in which members can express themselves on diverse themes.

- On the Sports Field

Swimming Competition From the early beginnings in 1989, PSK’s activities in the field of sports has grown tremendously. Today it holds competitions for different age groups and in different disciplines like cricket, carrom, chess, tennis etc.

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NoEventDateVenue Status
1 Picnic July 19Harshgiri Resort Read report
2 Dance Workshop August 30Radio Club Read report
Melange - Group Photo Palanpur Samaj Kendra encourages excellence in all fields of life. It has various committees all of which strive to bring the best to its members – the Sports Committee, the Cultural Committee, the Women’s Forum, the Education Committee, so what can we do for our youngsters? This was the germ of an idea introduced to a bunch of enthusiastic people by one of the visionaries of our society – Dr. Satyavatiben Jhaveri. A platform for people to voice their thoughts, do the things they would like to do, and simply, just meet up. This thought became the origin of Melange.

Mixing Education, Learning, Activity, Networking, Games, Excursions.

In the beginning of 2002, the newest member of the Palanpur Samaj Kendra was born. The proud parents fought over a suitable name to give the newborn – a lot of suggestions were thrown up – ‘Stepping Stones’, ‘Headstart’, ‘Young Buds’, but this was a modern baby, and only a 21st-century name would befit it! “Mélange” stuck. Just like its name, it meant a lot of things to a lot of people, but its essence remained the same – a blend of the brightest stars of our community, and an intermingling of the most creative minds.

Masti, Entertainment, Laughter, Action, Naachna-Gaana, Excitement!

- First Steps

Melange - Celebrating Navratri at Lonavala Melange launched in the spring of 2002 with its first event – ‘Ice-Breakers’. The notion was simple, to get our youngsters to mix together, shed their inhibitions, and to simply discover this new side of our community – one which they can relate to. Everyone has a fresh perspective, an innovative outlook, and Mélange aims at providing a stage for interaction between its members, and a free flow of such ideas.

Making Everyone’s Lives A Nicer, Greater Experience.

Growing Up

Melange - Archery Training Mélange organizes a wide spectrum of activities as we recognize the need to keep bringing something unique to our members. It could be a one-day trek also involving archery training, it could be a dance workshop by Salome Roy Kapoor, it could be a visit to a children’s orphanage, or it could be a creative recycling event using day-to-day objects. It could also be a dance party – with everyone just letting their hair down and setting the floor on fire, and sometimes it could also be celebrating Navratri at Lonavala!

Most Enthu, Loony And Nutty Group Ever

Looking Ahead

The Melange family keeps growing every year, with bright-eyed newcomers checking it out to see what the fuss is all about! As they discover, hanging out with fellow Palanpuris is as enjoyable, particularly with people sharing common values, and more importantly, a common enthusiasm. We try to achieve a balance between work and play, without ever getting monotonous. We look forward to having you as part of this family soon, and further enriching it with your talents and skills. Because, at Mélange, we bring the nicest people together.
The Forum organizes a number of regular cultural and social activities. It provides a platform for Palanpuri women of all ages to come together and express themselves and share their views on various subjects through, lectures, workshops and field trips. The highlight is the Annual Exhibition where the members showcase a wide array of items from artefacts to food preparations.

Palanpur Samaj Kendra has also organized creative sessions for children to enhance their imagination and stimulate learning.
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Proposed Permanent Address
Block No 6, 1st Floor, Sunbeam Bldg.,
316-320, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
Girgaon, Charni Rd (E),
Mumbai - 400 034
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Email: palanpursamaj@hotmail.com
Contact Persons - Mr. Ravindra H. Mehta (Hon Secretary and Administrator)
Dr. Naresh (Nanalal) R. Shah (Trustee)

  • Dr. Naresh (Nanalal) R. Shah
  • Mr. Shaileshbhai R. Mehta
  • Mrs. Sanyuktaben P. Mehta
  • Mrs. Jayvanti (Mammuben) B. Mehta

The Trust was established in the year 2000. It has published a directory of original Palanpuri members of the Trust, and also runs a health scheme for their benefit. The Trust arranges cultural programmes for the welfare of these members.

Members can now request for a soft copy of the names and addresses of all those listed in the Directory in Excel format. The copy will contain the list with all the updates that have been informed by members till the last day of the previous month.
This service is strictly for the use of Members Only.

Palanpur Online Helpline

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