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21 Apr 2018
Young Entrepreneurs Find Ongoing ‘Inspiration Series’ Mentoring Programme Extremely Beneficial

 Hiteshbhai seen with the panellists at latest session 

The ongoing mentoring-cum-training sessions being conducted under the banner of the ‘Inspiration Series’ by Hiteshbhai Mehta have received a very enthusiastic response from participants. The Inspiration Series is a knowledge platform created by Palanpur Online and Palanpur Samaj Kendra.

“Behind the Scenes with a Serial Entrepreneur”, as this programme, which kick started in September 2017 is called, comprises a series of monthly sessions that have introduced the fifty odd participants to various facets of Hiteshbhai’s rich experiences over the years. Hiteshbhai, better known as one of the key faces of ‘H Dipak & Co,’ also has ‘Imaginarium’ (India’s largest 3D printing company) and a homeopathy clinic: ‘The Other Song’ under his belt and has been successful in all business ventures taken up by him so far. 
Prior to starting the series, Hiteshbhai had gathered feedback on expectations held by those wishing to participate and the main challenges they faced in business or life. Based on that, the key themes to be addressed under the programme were finalised. Some of these that have been covered till date include Culture & Ethics in Business, Time Management, an ideal Work Life Balance, etc.
In the very first workshop, Hiteshbhai introduced his team of XI that have stood by him always: Ethics as his captain gives leadership a direction, Culture as the vice-captain provides stability and roots, the other players include Time, Knowledge, Fire and Creativity.

Budding entrepreneurs all 

In the latest session, held on April 1 at the MCA Club in Bandra, families of the participants were invited to join as well. This session featured a stimulating interaction between Hiteshbhai and four panelists invited by him, all stalwarts in their fields, and the “source” of his own success story – his mother Shakuntalaben Mehta, Arunbhai Mehta (of Rosy Blue), Rajendrakumar A. Shah (a noted colourstone dealer) and Dr. Jatin Kothari (a renowned nephrologist) – covering a wide range of related themes.

While the previous sessions threw light on some of his team of XI, here Hiteshbhai interacted with his panel, asking them to share their own learnings and experiences in their journey of life. He stressed that a mother’s advice was always crucial, as she has a key role in the metamorphosis of the child into an adult. He encouraged the youth to interact with elders – pointing out that the knowledge that could be garnered from industry veterans like Arunbhai and Rajendrabhai who had developed mega-businesses in their respective fields, could hardly be matched. He also drew Dr. Jatinbhai into a discussion and observed that you could never really be ‘rich’ until you possessed something that even money can’t buy. 
The audience was enlightened with the wealth of knowledge shared by the invitees in such an entertaining format. 

Audience including family members of the participants 

Looking back over the experiences of the past few months, some of the participants shared their feedback with Palanpur Online.

Jaini Mehta-Bhansali was a late entrant, having missed the first two sessions, but she says that it has “far exceeded any expectations I had… (as it) focuses on all three aspects of being successful: Intellectual intelligence,  spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence”.

She expressed the confidence that “after the mentorship is over, each one of us participants will have clarity of vision, more compassion and empathy, increased creativity and intuition, greater personal fulfilment, and better performance on important life skills and work skills”.

Another participant, Rahul B, said, “I loved the session on time management. I felt it covered important aspects of a very relevant topic. The ideas mentioned during the session were simple and implementable by anybody in any field of life.” 

He has also tried putting it into practice himself: “Now, I keep my phone switched off for majority of the time during work so as to not get distracted by messages and social media. I also try to reach 10-15 minutes early for any meeting so that I never keep the other person waiting and ‘steal’ his time.” 

Shital Jhaveri found the methods used in the programme “appealing”. She said, “The interaction-discussion, questions-answers with presentation and true life experience shared by Hiteshbhai is a great method of learning.”

In addition, she points out, this is “complemented by great content, examples, debates, presentations and very recently a great session where we got the opportunity to interact and listen to the elders and seniors who have been the source of Hiteshbhai’s success” and wishes for more sessions where “elders share their life experiences… it is truly amazing and a treasure for us all”. 

Asked which session he found the most interesting, Rahil Bhansali gave a frank opinion, “It’s hard to narrow it down to any one, especially because there were pieces in every session that have made them enriching”.

He, however, adds, “If I had to focus on something that will help me in the long-run, it is Workshop #2 on Ethics. Simplifying what we all discuss into a simple five point solution to a question – Are you Ethical – has had a resounding impact on me. It’s so easy now for me to understand and differentiate right from wrong. Makes decision making a lot faster as a result.”

Elaborating, Rahil adds, “It’s allowed me to solve a few personal dilemmas where I could not find a solution and to very quickly apologise to whoever I spoke to if I thought there was a chance I even hurt the person. Moreover, it not only came at the right time for me as our family grows. It’s so easy to teach a newborn just this, but also solidified my own belief in Jainism since it showed me the depth and gradient to which it took these fundamentals of ethics.”

This Mentoring Programme will be continuing over the next few months.




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