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18 Apr 2019
Sharvi Bhansali Releases Her Debut Fictional Novel – ‘The Ace of the Old Bloke’

Sharvi Bhansali, a student of 2nd year BSc in Psychology at the Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College, Chennai, recently released her debut fictional novel ‘The Ace of the Old Bloke’ in collaboration with Blue Hill Publications, Bangalore. Sharvi is the daughter of Pinky and Shreyans Amrutlal Bhansali of Mumbai.

The book has been in focus, and was selected as one of the Top 10 books to be displayed at a recent literary fest organised by IIT Kharagpur in association with Blue Hill Publications, which was attended by about 60,000 students from 350 colleges across India.

‘The Ace of the Old Bloke’ tells the story of a 24-year old orphan whose father had been working on a confidential defence project to fortify India’s military proficiency. A betrayal against the country and a cold-blooded crime later, the project was officially abandoned. Suddenly, on her 25th birthday, her friends foil a potential abduction plan. 

The book journeys through her life as her world turns upside down. It captures the chaotic minds of the youth and tests their faith towards their family, friends and the nation, how the country, marred by internal enemies is still a safe haven, protected by the camouflaged uniforms. 

“This is my first writing project on such a large scale,” said Sharvi, who had earlier written mostly for her school magazine and has not attended any formal courses in writing. In a recent interview she said that she developed an interest in fiction due to the “reading habit which had been developed by my teachers in school. The reading turned into writing before I could realise it”. She also revealed that she is fascinated by psychology and is a “fan of thriller movies”.

After completing her ICSE from Walsingham School and her HSC from KC College, in Mumbai, she decided to study Psychology and enrolled at the Shasun College in Chennai. She has recently also authored a paper on जैन धर्म के २५ बोल के १९वे बोल के ध्यान की प्रासंगिकता, paper published in Dharm Sahitya ke Vividh Aayamon ki Prasangikta, 2019.

The book is available on Amazon. Click here . 


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