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23 Feb 2021
Saahil Mehta Launches New Book ‘Break Free’, a Guide to Decluttering Life

 Saahil Mehta

Dubai-based Saahil Mehta, who describes himself as an entrepreneur, author and passionate mountaineer, recently released his new book, ‘Break Free’, a guide to decluttering life in which he shares his experiences, insights, and most importantly rituals that show one can grow into a more compassionate leader. The launch took place in Dubai recently. Saahil is the son of Asha and Kumar Chimanlal Mehta.

After having built successful businesses across three continents, Saahil “struggled to experience peace, happiness & abundance”. However, he was able to re-invent the “complete spectrum of life…  once he was able to conquer his self-limiting mindsets & habits” by “a singular focus on ‘de-cluttering’ what no longer serves his life’s true calling & purpose-to scale the actuals summits of world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery”.


 (from left): Kishore Sanghvi, Kumar Mehta, Asha Mehta, Saahil Mehta, Swati Mehta, Rashmi Mehta 

The book encapsulates this; as this summary, shared by the author, indicates:

“On the magical island of Ibiza, among a circle of trusted friends, Saahil took the leap of faith to unmask his true self-thoughts and emotions, joy and struggles - in a zero judgement environment; this helped Saahil open his eyes to how life could be, without being encumbered by the negative thoughts and opinions of others. This immense feeling of euphoria triggered his journey of conquering the mental clutter that was weighing him down from manifesting his full potential.



 Vishal Mehta & Saahil Mehta

 Through this book, Saahil shares his experiences, insights, and most importantly rituals that show you how to grow into a more compassionate leader who can peacefully navigate your transcendental journeys towards better health, wealth and relationships as you scale your personal summits of desire and destiny. Discover how you too can improve your focus, perform at your physical best, build deep connections, grow your business, and take charge of your life by breaking free of all the clutter holding you back.”

Website: www.saahilmehta.com

The book:  http://bit.ly/BF-AMZ


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