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10 May 2021
Palanpuri Community Funds Emergency Medical Infrastructure in Banaskantha During Covid 2nd Wave

Shri Haribhai Chaudhary at the inauguration
of the project

The Palanpuri community in India and across the world came forward to provide emergency supplies of Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrator machines and other medical equipment worth over Rs 2 crore to help avert a looming health crisis in Palanpur and Banaskantha. 

These steps were taken as soon as it became evident that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic had led to a huge surge in cases and fatalities in the district.

A quick survey indicated that while government hospitals in Banaskantha had been already notified to provide treatment to COVID infected patients, their infrastructure needed to be strengthened immediately. 


Russell A Mehta, who played a key role in initiating the project, said, “We realised that we had to do something fast. Critical medical equipment was required on an urgent basis and only timely intervention could prevent the situation from worsening and also help in saving valuable lives.” 

Against this background, the project was fast tracked with utmost urgency in close coordination with Shri Haribhai Chaudhary, former Union Minister for Home Affairs and the Collector of Banaskantha district and his office.

 Shri Haribhai Chaudhary and Shri Anand Patel, DC

The sum of over Rs 2 crore collected from donors is being used to order the following supplies on an immediate basis:

150+ Oxygen Concentrator Machines 

12 Ventilators of Wipro 3D and Draeger

15 Multipara monitor machines

Russell Mehta adds, “These machines were ordered after consultations with doctors and experts in Mumbai and Palanpur.”

While stressing urgency, the donors were also keen to ensure that the longer-term perspective was kept in mind. 

According to Ashish K. Mehta, another of those actively involved, “A ventilator is not only expensive, costing over Rs 10 lakh, but has a long life, including an initial 5-year warranty. Hence, we felt the need to ensure that there was a plan for fair and proper utilisation of the equipment even post pandemic.”

With this in mind, the donors reached a clear understanding with the District administration that all medical equipment provided for emergency care will be transferred to hospitals in Banaskantha to be selected by the donors post the COVID crisis.

Equipment donated as part of the project

Adds Ashish Mehta, “In this way we are combining the need for immediate relief with a vision for sustained utility after the crisis has passed. It will be part of the community’s long-term contribution to strengthening the healthcare facilities of the district.” 

The project is being executed in collaboration with the Gem and Jewellery National Relief Foundation, and is being actively coordinated by its Chairman Sanjay A. Kothari.

The Palanpuri community in Mumbai and other parts of the world has a rich tradition of responding generously to the needs of their original hometown. Over the last five decades, its members have provided emergency relief during natural disasters like droughts and floods, as well as generously contributed to building a strong medical and educational infrastructure in the city. This has made Palanpur a key medical hub across North Gujarat and the southern parts of Rajasthan.


Contributors for the project include

Hareshbhai Jogani, Los Angeles

Rosy Blue

Ashwin P Kothari
Dimexon Diamonds

D Navinchandra
Harshil K Kothari, Hong Kong
Kantilal Chhotalal
KBS Diamonds
Mahendra Brothers

Shairu Gems

Anyone wishing to contribute towards the project is welcome to contact Sanjaybhai Kothari at diatrends1947@hotmail.com or on 98200 73076




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