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20 Dec 2021
Kirtilal K. Doshi Publishes ‘Values & Wisdom’, his 11th Book of Inspirational Quotations

 Kirtibhai Doshi

The well-known diamantaire, philanthropist and community leader Kirtilal K. Doshi, now 99 years of age, recently released his 11th book in a series of compilations of inspirational thoughts and quotations that he had collected over the years and which guided much of his life and business practice.

The book is dedicated to “The Future”, personified in his “adorable great grandchildren” and has a Foreword by Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Ltd. who praises Kirtilal Doshi as “a rare combination of being entrepreneurial, a person with deep insights, unflinching ethics and a humanitarian. He is a unique individual who has stood by his convictions, taken a leap of faith and accomplished his goals.”

Kirtibhai’s illustrious career is well known and widely acknowledged, for his role in the family company Shrenuj & Co, in various industry bodies and trade associations, as well as in a wide range of charitable and social trusts. 

In his Preface to the book Kirtibhai writes, “99 years of my life have witnessed 100 facets of life. Some delightful ones, and few agonizing ones. And I have come across hundreds of people, from the most successful ones to the fiercest of strugglers. Each one has presented a new view, a new facet. These people have given me the perspective in life, each from a different point of view but bound by a common value system.”

A rich compilation of quotations is presented over 120 pages and arranged by theme as well as alphabetically for the convenience of the reader.

As Kirtibhai puts it, “I believe that frequent browsing through these thoughts often ingrains them into our sub-conscious and we are guided by these established and time-tested value systems. More often than not, these thoughts guide us to the right choice and success in life.”

He explains the origins of the collection, saying, “Since 1942… I have been collecting thoughts of others that resonated with my own and journaling them, with due credit to the person who authored it. This compilation has been my life book for over eight decades in corporate world, where ups and downs are the norm and values are always a question.”

And on the importance of the compilation Kirtibhai points out, “In this information age, we have become more dependent on data than we are on values. Data gives us options but it’s the wisdom that leads us to the right path. The quotes in this compilation are the essence of wisdom gained over centuries of learning and experimentation. We may ignore them at our peril.” 

These words of wisdom will be treasured by readers, and indeed, Deepak Parekh echoes the thoughts of many when we writes, “I have been fortunate to have known him.” 


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