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22 Jan 2023
Roshni Modi Completes Chennai Full Marathon with Podium Finish

Roshni A. Modi achieved a Podium finish as 4th Runner Up, completing the challenging 42 km Chennai Marathon, held on January 8, 2023 in a time of 4:52:47. Roshni, a regular jogger, and mother of two teenage children, is married to Apurva J. Modi, son of Late Jitendra H. Modi and Surekha Modi from Chennai.

A fitness enthusiast, Roshni was into Yoga and also Gymming earlier, but had to cut down on these due to having to attend to children and certain health issues of her in-laws during the day. Instead, she decided to join the running group in her locality - Tower Twisters, Annanagar-Chennai, where they run and workout from 4.30 /5 am to 6.30 am, enabling her to be at home during the day.

Following such a routine for five days a week enabled Roshni to increase her stamina, strengthen her immunity, develop a toned body, enhance her mood and decision-making capacity. Though she looked forward eagerly to beginning her day with an early morning run, she largely remained a recreational runner.

Roshni says that though she never ran in competitions, her timings improved during her regular runs and she began comfortably running a Half Marathon (21.1 kms) as much as 9 to 11 times each year.

When she turned 42, she wished she could run a Full Marathon (42.2 kms). Over the last four months she began rigorous preparation, working with a friend and coach Mukesh Ayyappan who guided her on diet, run schedules and body strengthening workouts.

Her dream to run a maiden Full Marathon in her 42nd year was not only fulfilled, but she was additionally surprised when she realized that she also won a podium finish. She plans to donate the prize money to a Cancer Hospital in Chennai.

Roshni, mother of 19-year old daughter Suhani and 15-year old son Eshaan, is a strict vegetarian and enjoys eating simple home cooked food. She believes that running is like meditation. “It's all about self-discipline and your mind over your body,” she explains.

“I look forward to beginning each day with a run/workout; it makes one feel not just physically, but also mentally strong,” she says, adding that her favorite experience is running in the monsoon months. “Those rain runs are therapeutic,” she concludes.



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