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27 Jan 2023
PSK Sports Events Receive Enthusiastic Response

Palanpur Samaj Kendra Sports Committee resumed its sports activities and events after a very a long gap of three years, conducting the Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom tournaments at the NSCI Club on January 15, 2023.

Even though it coincided with the day when roads were closed for the Mumbai Marathon, the tournaments received a very solid and very huge response from the community with 207 participants braving the challenges and making it on time to the venue. The various competitions and matches proceeded very smoothly, and it was an entertaining day for the participants as well as the audience who came to cheer them on. 

The event was organized by the PSK Sports Committee including Kumarbhai, Archanaben, Milanbhai, Nikhilbhai, Nitaben and Shailaben, along with Nimishbhai, all of whom were active and on their feet throughout the day. The Committee has also expressed its gratitude to the sponsors for their support and encouragement and to the participants and audience for their enthusiasm and appreciation.

The PSK Sports Committee has also said that it will shortly announce details for other forthcoming events – the Cricket and Badminton tournaments and looked forward to a similar response from the community for these as well.

(report prepared with inputs from Nimish Shah)


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The results for each of the Tournaments:





Runner Up

Boys (8-14 Years)

Vivaan V. Parikh

Vivaan V. Mehta

Men (22-45 Years)

Salil Gandhi

Bhavik Jhaveri

Men (Above 45 years)

Ajay Zaveri

Kaushik Mehta


Ranjeet Parikh & Soumil Doshi

Kaushik Mehta & Salil Gandhi






            CHESS TOURNAMENT 2023



Runner Up

Girls (Under 8 Years)

Aahana Kothari

Naina Choksi

Consolation Prize: Seher Ankur Mehta

Boys (Under 8 Years)

Vihaan Shah

Yuven Javeri

 (8-14 Years)

Vivaan Kothari

Kabir Choksi

Girls / Women (14-22 Years)

Rashi Parikh

Inaya Mehta

Boys / Men (14-22 Years)

Rishab Shah

Aditya Mehta

Ladies (22-40 Years)

Devanshi Jhaveri

Preksha Shah

Men (22-40 Years)

Priyesh Kothari

Archit Zaveri

Ladies (Above 40 Years)

Priti Nilesh Shah

Sweta R. Zaveri

Men (Above 40 Years)

Nehal Mehta

Pinkesh Mehta


Youngest Participant: Aaliya N. Shah







Runner Up

Girls’ Singles

Divira Kothari

Diya Kothari

Boys’ Singles

Shiv Rishabh Mody

Shlok Jhaveri

Women’s Singles

Rupa Shah

Nirja Bhansali

Men’s Singles

Sheril Shah

Utsav Shah

Veteran Men’s Singles
(Above 50 Years)

Sachin Shah

Sarju Shah

Women’s Doubles

Nita Mehta & Rupa Shah

Nirja Bhansali & Ria Shah

Men’s Doubles

Sacihn Shah & Sheril Shah

Sarju Shah & Jash Shah






Runner Up

Girls & Boys (Under 8 Years)

Keesha Kothari

Jehan Mody

Girls (8-14 Years)

Jinaya B. Shah

Kimaayra S. Shah

Boys (8-14 Years)

Kayaan Parikh

Dhwanish Parekh

Girls (14-22 Years)

Hrshvi A. Shah

Drasthi N. Madani

Boys (14-22 Years)

Vihaan A. Shah

Neil J. Shah

 Ladies (22-40 Years)

Heer Y. Shah

Niyati R. Doshi

Men (22-40 Years)

Darshan M. Parikh

Vivek Y. Shah

Ladies (40-50 Years)

Nimisha Parikh

Shefali Kothari

Men (40-50 years)

Alpesh Parikh

Nimish Madani

Ladies (Above 50 years)

Neeta Mehta

Shaila Parikh

Men (Above 50 years)

Dr. Pankaj R. Mehta

Ketan K. Shah



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