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27 Feb 2023
Annual Vidyavistar Vyakhyanmala, Supported by Jormalbhai Mangalji Mehta Family, Resumes in Palanpur

Shri Jormalbhai Mehta, Kanubhai Mehta, Speaker Shri H M Patel, ex-Finance minister
and Chairman of the session Prof Yashwantbhai Shukla at a Vyakhyanmala in the 1980s

The 38th edition of the Shri Mangaljibhai Zaverchandbhai Mehta Vidyavistar Vyakhyanmala, which has been financially supported continuously by the family of Late Shri Jormalbhai Mangalji Mehta and his son Ajay Jormalbhai Mehta since 1982 was recently held in Palanpur.

The event was instituted in 1982, as Kanubhai Mehta, who was firmly committed to developing education and spreading knowledge in Banaskantha, believed that formal learning had to be complemented with enlightening students and other interested citizens through conducting lectures delivered by prominent intellectuals.

This initiative was supported by Jormalbhai Mehta, who believed that “the charity of knowledge is the greatest of all”. He and his family extended complete financial support and the Vyakhyanmala (series of lectures) was organized in memory of his father Late Mangalibhai Zaverchandbhai Mehta, a former government servant who was a well-known Gandhian and a veteran freedom fighter. Initially, they contributed a sum of Rs 5,100 for this purpose.  

 Large audiences attend the Vyakhyanmala each year

Since then, the Vykhyanmala has been organized every year (barring 2002) without a break with support from the family till the 37th edition in 2020. Due to restrictions on account of the Covid pandemic, it could not be held in 2021 and 2022, but was once again organized by the Vidyamandir Trust this year.

The Vyakhyanmala has been a popular event and one of the highlights of the annual calendar for students, teachers, professors and others from the city having hosted a number of popular and well-known public figures, including economists, writers, poets, researchers, professionals from the world of business and finance, doctors and many others. The themes have ranged from spirituality, history, folklore, literature, empathy, coexistence, life mantras, to mental and physical well-being. 

 Dr Mittal Makarand addressing the Vyakhyanmala in 2023

In the 1980s, Pujya Shri Bhanuvijayji Maharaj, a very revered Jain Muni from Patan, gave a series of lectures on religion and spirituality at the Vyakhyanmala. Award-winning writer, Shri Yashwant P. Shukla, and renowned editor and journalist, Shri Prakash N. Shah, chaired the sessions for the first few years. Eminent speakers in the past have included Shri H. M. Patel, former Finance Minister and Head of RBI, scholars such as Dr Upendra Baxi, D T Lakdawala, judges including Justice B J Diwan and Justice T U Mehta, social leaders like Sanat Mehta, Gujarati poets and writers such as Umashankar Joshi, Bakul Bakshi, Suren Thakur "Mehul", Musafir Palanpuri and Jay Vasavada.

The speakers at the 38th edition organized by Vidyamandir Trust in Palanpur from February 23-25, 2023 included Mr. Ram Mori, a renowned writer of several Indian soap operas, plays, and Gujarati movies; Sociologist and popular newspaper columnist Dr. Gaurang Jani and Poet and Educator Dr. Mittal Makarand who addressed the audience on different contemporary themes.


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