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29 Apr 2024
New Team Selection Process Adds Excitement at PSK Sports Committee’s Box Cricket Tournament

Fuzion Box team with Winner's Trophy

 PN Panthers team with Winner's Trophy

This year the PSK Sports Committee added a further element of excitement to the second edition of the Box Cricket Tournament – the creation of teams through an auction process that was live-streamed!

It generated great enthusiasm among the owners, players and audience and the spirit and enthusiasm was much in evidence at St. Stanislaus School ground which has four turf pitches for Box cricket when the tournament was held on April 14, 2024.

As the box cricket underarm cricket tournament got underway that day, the excitement of participating and the camaraderie amongst the teams added to the event. A competitive approach was at its peak.

The women’s teams and the men’s teams all had players perfectly allocated with maximum participation. Every player got to play and join the action. 

The spectators also got a welcome treat with mighty sixers ruling the day.

Overall the success was also an outcome of the hard work put in by Palanpur Samaj Kendra Sports Committee who ensured that the change in the format was successful.

Ultimately, though everyone enjoyed, as in all other sports too, there can only be one winner. 

Among the women’s teams, Fuzion Box emerged as victors while MB Mavericks were the runners up.

In the men’s category, P N Panthers were the winners and the runner ups were Ashth Eco Warriors. 

The Sports Committee looks forward to having similar success in all the games and sports events this year, and to once again interacting with the participants at the award ceremony, details of which will be announced soon.

The Committee also expressed thanks to all sponsors and team owners who made this event such a huge success.





PN Panthers

Nirav Shah, Aayush Bhansali, Kunal Shah, Harshit Shah, Jehaan, Shilank Jhaveri, Shaival Mehta, Paras Shah, Sagar Mehta, Aagam Mehta, Daksh Mody, Rahul Kothari

Runners Up

Ashth Eco Warriors

Kaiv, Tejas, Prasham, Ankur, Apurva, Priyesh, Pranay, Kiyan, Sanket, Saumil, Shaurya, MK, Ashth, Atit Bhansali


Highest Team Score

Ashth Eco Warriors 133/2 in 50 balls

Smashing Shairus 133/5 in 45 balls




Fuzion Box

Diya Mehta, Saloni, Bijal Mehta, Viddhi M, Priya D, Nita Mehta, Sunita Shah, Disha Modi, Ruchi Shah


Runners Up

MB Mavericks

Riya Shah, Heer Shah, Megha Shah, Nirja Bhansali, Nishi Shah, Nikita Mehta, Sweta Mody, Heitanshi Mody, Miral Mody

Highest Team Score

MB Mavericks 62/3 


Individual Awards





Best Batsman

Shaival Mehta


Best Bowler

Aagam Mehta

Miral Mody

Best Fielder

Shaival Mehta

Vidhi Mehta

Aayush Bhansali


Shaival Mehta



Highest Sixes



Shaival Mehta

28 sixes

Priya Kunal Doshi

1 six

Rahil Shah

25 sixes

Ruchi Shah

1 six



Nishi Shah

1 six



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