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28 Jan 2016
Community Members Successfully Complete Mumbai Marathon 2016

Chirag Mehta

Vishal Bhansali

Many community members successfully participated in the Mumbai Marathon held on January 17, 2016, with two of them, Chirag P. Mehta and Vishal Bhansali completing the gruelling Full Marathon of 42 km.

This is the 7th Full Marathon that Chirag has run, besides doing the Half Marathon on five occasions. In December last year he also ran the Half Marathon in the Goa River Marathon. This year he completed the run in 04:12 hrs.

For Vishal, the 2016 event marked the completion of a decade of participation in such events. During this period he has completed seven Half and five Full Marathons. Vishal says that “The real Marathon is its ‘Training period’” and that “Support & understanding of your family & friends is most important”.

Vishal adds that “Running in a ‘Pack’ & learning from the experiences of others” is a part of the event. He also shared a few tips for fellow runners that he hopes will “fuel the passion” and encourage more people to “join the sport”:

  • “When the end is near all that matters is putting one foot next to other coz to ‘Hit the Wall’ is imperative”
  • “’Consistency’ will be the key; run at an even pace”
  • “Someone will always have it in much tougher conditions and have more pains so have ‘No Regrets’.
  • "Believe in yourself".

Others who successfully completed the Mumbai Half Marathon were Rajiv P. Mehta (2nd time), Saurabh G.Mehta (7th time), Siddharth S. Mehta (2nd time), Shainita Mehta (3rd time), Viral D. Mehta (1st time), Natasha N. Mehta (1st time), Sapana H. Shah (4th time), Sachin G. Mehta (1st time) and Sohil P. Kothari (4th time) who participated for the first time.

A few members also participated in the Dream Run on the occasion, including Viren N. Kothari.

Those who completed the full and half marathon include:


Distance Run        


Chirag P. Mehta

Full Marathon (42 km)

04:12  hrs

Vishal Bhansali

Full Marathon (42 km)

04:14  hrs

Rajiv P. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

01:56 hrs

Saurabh G. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:12 hrs

Sapana H. Shah

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:13 hrs

Viral D. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:16 hrs

Natasha N. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:18 hrs

Sohil P. Kothari

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:22 hrs

Siddharth S. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:23 hrs

Shainita Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:39 hrs

Sachin G. Mehta

Half Marathon (21 km)

02:53 hrs

Viren N. Kothari

Dream Run (6 km)

40 mins

Click here to view photos of the participants


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