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29 Feb 2016
PSK Felicitates Young Achievers at RISING STAR 2016

As in past years, this year again, we saw a varied number of students attain their potential and more in academics and extra curricular activities, in the Rising Stars event, organized by Palanpur Samaj Kendra, held on 21st February, at Y.B. Chavan Auditorium.

The event started off with a cultural programme, where Utsav Shah sang melodies from the 70’s and Parshva Mehta showed us some kudo moves. The felicitation ceremony was conducted by 4 comperes – Aashiya Parikh, Jainee Shah, Preksha Zaveri and Virali Shah.

We had as many as three PhD students and five CA candidates this time. This number only goes to prove, how people from our community are finally approaching other fields and are not shying away because of their age. Dr. Amit Bhansali attained his doctorate in Jainism, where as Dr. Niyati Mehta-Thosani did her PhD in Molecular Science. And there was Dr. Ritesh Mehta, who had his PhD research in the field of Media and Film. There was also Sneha Mehta from Surat, who stood 1st in the whole of Gujrat Technology University, attaining 2 gold medals. 

It was a pleasure to see a mother-daughter duo, both being felicitated for different degrees achieved.

Two of the young stars, shared their experiences in their varied fields with us.

Anuj Mehta, spoke about his journey of taking up Architecture, as opposed to his family diamond business. He called it the path less taken. We also had, Anshini Jhaveri speaking to us about her enterprising journey to build her company ‘Intern Theory’.  One thing we gained out of listening to them on this day was, how focused the young generation is and how well they know their goals.

We had the extremely eloquent Dr. Pratibha Jain as our chief guest. Being an education counsellor herself, we gained many important pointers from her talk.


Pratibha Jain quoted what her mother used to tell her as a child, "education is like that 'jyoti' jo andhkaar aur ahankaar, dono ko mitata hai!''
An educated person is someone who becomes more and more humble, as he learns more.

To remain, an open mined, broad minded, educated individual, one should be ready to unlearn, re-learn and new learn.

NO LEARNING EVER GOES WASTED. One must read something new, about the field they are in, something that is not there in their text book. And one should read about fields that are not related to their subject. All knowledge is useful. It opens the mind, and changes one's perspectives about things.

Do not be satisfied, with your Phd's and various other degrees. Keep digging for more. Keep the hunger to learn alive. It keeps the mind young.

Her tips were helpful and applicable to all, young and old, present there.

-    Kejal Shah

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Complete list of those felicitated:





Parshva K Mehta

Kajal Shah

Rishab V Shah

Rhea Mehta

Veer D Shah

Utsav Shah

Komal S  Shah      

Zeal Virvadia        

Nilay T  Doshi

Aakarsh A Mody

Samarth  S Mehta

Harsh M Bhansali

Shloka Shah

Jainee M Shah     

Jaini Shah

Nlay N Shah

Punita A Zaveri

Richa M Mehta

Khushbu A Shah

Vishva P Shah

Sanyam P  Shah

Shainil Kothari    

Virali R Shah

Aashiya B  Parikh

Preksha A  Zaveri

Dhwanit Shah    

Anuj A Mehta

Hritik S Bhansali

Anshini A Jhaveri

Neyomi M Parikh

Kinjal S Shah

Nirmit N  Mehta

Shreya S Shah

Shimoni A Parikh

Aashi S Shah

Sunay J Mehta

Alisha R Shah

Tanay S Mehta

Arjav R Mehta

Yashvi N  Parikh









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