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10 May 2016
Ankesh Kothari Releases New Book – ‘Genius Biographies’

Ankesh Atul Kothari, who describes himself as an angel investor and serial entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 15, has recently brought out a new book, Genius Biographies. This compilation of stories about the lives of forty successful individuals from various walks of life provides pointers the reader could follow – action tips on how to succeed in whatever you choose to do.

Kothari explains the motivation in publishing the book in one simple line – “Fools learn from experience. Sages learn from history”. He selected stories that explain the strategies that made people rich, famous and powerful. They are tales of people who reached the top of their fields in science and politics, sports and business, war and entertainment.

The book begins with the tale of the rise of Great Britain as a super power many centuries ago and starts in 1451 when Thomas Malory, a convict began reading an account of ‘The History of the Kings of Britain’ authored by a Welsh monk Geoffrey of Monmouth. With that as his base, and adding to the lore from other poets and writers, Malory penned the story of King Arthur – Le Morte D’Arthur, later one of the early books printed by Willaim Caxton, the father of the printing.

The story of King Arthur is believed to have inspired Henry Tudor, the King who defeated Richard III and laid the foundations of the later British Empire. Subsequently, historians discovered that not one word of the story of King Arthur was true!

Kothari writes, “If fake biographies and stories can inspire and lead to the building of the biggest empire the world has ever seen, imagine what real biographies of real geniuses can do....”

The writer has selected an eclectic mix of personalities as possible role models for those who aspire to be rich, famous and powerful. From Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte and Theodore Roosevelt, to Bill Gates, Bruce Lee, Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton the stories span different worlds, different disciplines and different time periods. But they all have one common thread – they provide food for thought and a possible guide to action, which are captured in the precise, but powerful Action Summary with which each biography concludes.
There are some lesser known names with equally inspiring stories – boxing coach Freddie Roach, comedian CK Louis, the founder of Dominos, Tom Monaghan or PT Barnum, the American showman, but each contributes its own rich experiences to the overall message that Kothari wishes to care.

This is an indication of the hard work and research that must have gone into the making of this book and the care with which the stories of the geniuses featured here must have been selected.

But for Kothari, these are not just nuggets from the past – they are a guide to the future. And so the young entrepreneur who has acquired a name for his insights into strategy and marketing, cocludes, “Hope they held motivate you and teach you a few tricks that can make your climb to the top easier.”

Read more: www.geniusbiographies.com / www.ankeshkothari.com


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